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Pricing depends on design. Full uniforms (vest & trunks) start at $700 and trunks alone start at $300. Lettering, logos, novelty fabric, or a complicated design are additional costs. Payment must be made in full before receiving a design sketch.


To get started email us through our website or at Let us know all details regarding your ring attire. This includes coloring, lettering, logos, fabrics, etc. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours with a price quote.



Once a payment is received we will get a design sketch to you for your approval. We accept Cash App, Venmo, or Zelle. 

If you need your order under 3 weeks it is considered RUSHED and additional fees may apply


We will send a design sketch based on the details you provided. From there you are free to add or subtract details from the design. Keep in mind price will fluctuate based on your additions/subtractions to the design.




Design sketches are sent once an order is paid. This is our policy due to the volume of customers that ask for multiple sketches and end up not placing an order




Pricing depends on design. Full uniforms (vest & trunks) start at $700 and trunks alone start at $300. Lettering, logos, tassels, spikes and other design features are additional costs. The price quote you receive after a sketch is made is based on THAT design. Any revisions to the sketch after payment is received may result in additional charges.




All orders come with our Racanati Boxing Logo. The logo removal fee is $250. Please know our logos are gorilla-glued down as well as stitched down. Removal of our logo on your own will result in damaging your garment(s). We are not responsible for independent logo removals or the damage it causes. We have the right to charge you $250 on your next order if we find out our logo has been removed on a previous order.

We accept Vanmo, CashApp, or Zelle. 




We do not recommend machine washing nor dry cleaning. Since we use a variety of luxury fabrics we recommend spot cleaning only! What is spot cleaning?


“Spot Cleaning: If any part of the garment is too delicate to be machine washed, dry cleaned, or even hand washed, then it may be labeled Spot Clean Only. In theory, to spot clean something means to only clean a stain and not immerse the entire garment for cleaning.”




Turnaround time is estimated at three weeks for an order consisting of two pieces or less. For orders of three or more pieces, turnaround time may be any where from three to four weeks. Any order needed less than three weeks rush fees apply. Rush fees depend on how soon an order is needed. Racanati Boxing take pride in always getting our orders to our customers on time. We have never missed a deadline.




All orders are shipped United States Post Office OR FedEx. Priority Mail takes around 2-4 business days depending on location. If requested, we can ship orders through other carriers.  International orders are shipped through DHL. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING DELAYS.




There are no returns on custom orders.








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